Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have female driving instructors?

Of course we do, although many people favour female instructors for all the wrong reasons. The truth is it makes no difference whether your instructor is male or female. All of our instructors are patient, professional and committed to help. Although if you really want a female driving instructor, we can help.

How many driving lessons will I need?

There's no way of saying until we've seen you drive but within the first 5-10 minutes of the lesson we'll be able to give you an estimate and even make driving lesson plans by request.

As a parent, can I sit in on my child's driving lesson?

You absolutely can! Parents can benefit a lot from sitting in on lessons. There are certain components of driving to the West Australian standard that can catch you out on a test, so it's helpful for parents to know these as well so they can still teach to the standard in their spare time.

Should I do Automatic or Manual Driving Lessons?

It all depends on your needs, Automatic is generally easier, but an automatic car will generally be more expensive than its manual counter-part and having a manual licence is far more versatile.

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